Payday Loans Companies in Xenia, OH

Name Address Phone
First American Cash Advance 111 N Allison Ave Xenia OH, 45385 937-374-3615
First American Cash Advance 111 North Allison Avenue Xenia OH, 45385 937-374-3615
Check Into Cash Of Ohio Llc 1796 W Park Sq Xenia OH, 45385 937-372-7073
Check Into Cash 1796 West Park Square Xenia OH, 45385 937-372-7073
Cash Express Llc 2427 Cornwall Dr Xenia OH, 45385 937-376-5762
Cevan Inc 354 E Main St Xenia OH, 45385 937-372-1100
Instant Cash Currency Exchange 354 East Main Street Xenia OH, 45385 937-372-1100
Cash Express Llc 36 N Detroit St Xenia OH, 45385 937-376-5762
Buckeye Check Cashing Inc 397 W Main St Xenia OH, 45385 937-372-8018
Checksmart 397 West Main Street Xenia OH, 45385 937-372-8018
National Cash Advance 64 Xenia Towne Sq Xenia OH, 45385 937-376-1145
National Cash Advance 64 Xenia Towne Square Xenia OH, 45385 937-376-1145
Cashland 645 W 2Nd St Xenia OH, 45385 937-374-2738
Cashland Inc 645 West 2Nd Street Xenia OH, 45385 937-374-2738
Check Into Cash 689 W 2nd St Xenia OH, 45385 937-372-7073

Payday Loans in Xenia, OH

There are many places in Ohio where people go for how to get a payday loan. The main areas are the southern part of the state, including Cleveland, Columbus, and Youngstown’s southern suburbs. These places all have payday loan stores that offer cash advances to people. Some of them even have online capabilities so that the applicant doesn’t even have to leave their homes. Here is how to get a payday loan in Xenia, OH.

To find a payday loan in Xenia, you need to know where it is available. They are plentiful in all the metropolitan areas in Ohio. People who live in those areas have several options for how to get a payday loan in Xenia. The two main payday loan stores are called Payday One and Payday Two. Both offer cash advances, but Payday One is located downtown, while Payday Two is located in suburban Cleveland. Neither store will do a loan from a long distance like the other might, but they do have some reasonable competition.

When people in Ohio want to know how to get a payday loan in Xenia, they also need to know what kind of documentation they need to get approved. Both companies require the same basic things, including proof of income, a checking account in your name, and a job that pays at least the weekly minimum. This information can be verified with tax records and recent pay stubs.

Both payday advance companies also require that the applicant is 18 years old or older, be in a legal state that does not require a waiting period to get a loan, and have a checking account in their name. These lenders do not do instant credit checks; they do background checks on the applicant. This means that a person may be turned down because they have poor credit, but an equally eligible person could be approved. It just depends on the company and the loan applicant.

When learning how to get a payday loan in Xenia, it is important to know that interest rates are usually high. This is true of all cash advance lenders, but especially those who do short-term loans. In addition to high-interest rates, some companies charge exorbitant processing fees and annual service fees. Be sure to shop around to find the best deal and the lowest possible fees and interest rates before applying.

How to get a payday loan in Xenia is similar to how to get a loan anywhere else. Once you have all the needed information gathered, filling out the forms is easy. Most companies do not even charge for the application because they know that it is unlikely that they will default. They make their money from the late fees and interest.

The next step in getting a payday loan in Xenia is choosing which company you wish to use. Be sure to check with the Better Business Bureau when choosing a lending company to ensure that it is reputable. Once this step has been completed, the applicant must sign the documents. It is common for these documents to be faxed to the lender rather than posting in the borrower’s office. Some payday companies allow the customer to fax the documents to them during the process, but others require the borrower to post them before the loan can be processed.

Finally, once the documents have been signed, the customer must complete the loan application and submit it. The payday loan company will then process the application, verify the information provided and provide an approval or denial, depending on the company policies. The whole process typically takes about seven to ten business days, with an additional day or two allowed for additional details to be added.

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